Rotary Club of CDO East Urban Cares – 2021

September 28, 2021 – The Annual and continuous project of the Rotary Club of CDO East Urban to support the Pamalihi Elementary School. This year, the club donated 20 Reams of Bond Paper, National Geographic Books, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Printer and Distribution of Dental Hygiene Kits

This project was made possible through the generosity of the following:

1) All Septemborns of the Club (Rtn. Alex Faburada PP Arlyn Niere, Rtn. Denvi Cabrera, Rtn. Marivic Yamit Tabasan I, Rtn. Corabel Diel,
PP Agnes O. Adv, PP Lina Estrella Faburada, Rtn. Marichu Palmores , Rtn. Michelle Jumawid-Nocete and Rtn. Christina Malferrari Jugador) for the printer donation. Pres. Biema Cruz Along and Dir. Christy made an additional donation of P2,000.00 for the printer
2) PP Mavictoria Abogado and PP Ophelia Dela Cerna for the 20 reams of bond paper
3) Pres Biema for the 4 boxes of toothpaste
4) DOH thru Dr. Shirley Mosende, Oral Program Coordinator , Children’s Dental Care for the boxes of fluoride varnish
5) Pres. Biema and PP Ching PF for the National Geographic books and elementary books
6) Club Funds for the purchase of toothbrush, etc.

1. President Biema Along
2. Project Chair: Ophie Dela Cerna
3. Dir. Victoria Abogado
4. PP Nelia Lee
5. PP Mags Cue
6. Rtn. Rachelle Polistico
7. Rtn. Bing Dacudao
Date: September 28, 20201
Beneficiary: Pamalihi elementary School

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