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Rotary Club District 3870 Announces Project DEAR

Rotary Club District 3870 is pleased to announce that beginning 2021, Microsoft and YEAPS will enable and accelerate Digital Transformation for the 10 Districts, 930 Clubs and 26,500 Members of One Rotary Philippines (R.I. Zone 10-A).

DEAR, short for Digital Transformation, Enabled by Microsoft, Accelerated by YEAPS, Reaching All Clubs Nationwide, is “a quest to enable and accelerate digital transformation for One Rotary Philippines, with an emphasis on modern work and empowered teamwork.”

This project was made possible through YEAPS, under the leadership of president PP JP Dela Vega of Rotary Club of Makati Dasmarinas and Microsoft initially donated to District 3830 of Gov. Joji Tan. She then generously opened the opportunity of the grant to all the districts in the Philippines.

On July 24, 2021, Gov. John Mark Sarraga, the Governor for 3870 made the announcement during the district launch via Microsoft Teams. At the same time, it streamed live on the official district 3870 Project DEAR site.

Governor John Mark opened his speech by addressing all the parties involved, stating, “It is nothing less than momentous to be able to mark July 24 as the beginning of a life-changing transformation for our clubs through technology.”

Project DEAR came about due to grants from Microsoft and YEAPS (Your Enablement and Acceleration Partner for Success in Digital Transformation and Persuasive Activation). The annual commercial value of the grant is 8.3 Million pesos for each district. This means that for the combined 10 districts in the Philippines, the annual grant is 159 million pesos.

Governor John Mark further stated that “no financial resources, no treasure is requested or required from the members, the clubs, the district. This is a grant from them.” ‘Them,’ of course being Microsoft and YEAPS.

He continued: “However, we do need to contribute time and talent. We need to work together at the club level and district level to support certain processes.”

The Appointed District Digital Transformation Officer is Stephanie Caragos, of The Rotary club of Cagayan de Oro East Urban, with VP Neil Que or the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro as Assistant DDTO.

The way that the Rotary Clubs work is that they must have 2 Digital Transformation Officers. One of them is automatically chosen to be President, while the other is assigned or appointed by the club. They will be the main coordinators for their Club — for installing new members or removing non-active members. Additionally, no other club representative can liaise for the club except through them.

The responsibility of the Officers will be to provide a list of members as well as their contact information, specifically the personal email address and mobile number. Data privacy rules apply to this and that is why only the president and club DTO can request to add new accounts for members.

“The time table is similar for all 10 districts, but not completely synchronous,” stated DTO Stephanie. Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, Camiguin Island, Cagayan de Oro all fall under the care of District 3870.

She went on to describe the Launching phase — the first phase of the project, with the projected timeline running from July to August. Its goals? To produce, per district, 10 Changemaker President Briefings and 10 All Hands Launch events, which involve members of all clubs. The online event on the 24th was also part of fulfilling the aforementioned goals for District 3870. “They also aim to deliver one source of truth about the program, to provide guidance, instructions, and clarifications.”

She continued to the second phase, which was Enablements, which would run from August to September. Their goals involved onboarding and training District Digital Transformation Officers concerning processes for administering and deploying. They would then onboard and train Club Digital Transformation Officers. Changemaker presidents have been invited to the YEAPS/DEAR Viber community and are encouraged to add their Club Digital Transformation Officer there. All updates from YEAPS and DDTO will be published in that community.

Once done with the onboarding, the club’s DTOs must send the names of the club members, as well as their email addresses and mobile numbers, for the creation of accounts.

After working with the Changemaker Presidents and Club Digital Transformation officers, the accounts will be deployed. Yet she cautions that all member data must be surrendered before D-Day so the deployment can happen all at once. The D-Day schedule will be announced soon.

The third phase, Accelerations, will run from September of this year to February of the next. As the phase says, it focuses on accelerations — workshops, to be specific. There will be 45 workshops to provide instructions to the clubs all around the Philippines. Approximately 800 Rotarians are expected to attend each workshop.

Not only that, but additionally YEAPS will hold regular live Teams events every Saturday morning for Philippine Rotarians. They will offer additional instruction, Q&A, and even success stories. There is also talk of deploying YEAPS Modern Work Academy, which is a self-paced digital training platform based on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

The Fourth phase is Activation, set for between February and April.

DTO Stephanie also talked about an Awards Program that will give recognitions achieved by clubs and districts. She also mentioned the Digital Transformation Champions Circle, which will recognize Rotarians who “attain the status of power user, meaning highly proficient by industry standards.”

All members under District 3870 will be given a Microsoft 365 account for the sole and exclusive use of rotary functions and events. This will include enabling and accelerating Digital Transformation for One Rotary Philippines (R.I. Zone 10-A). The Microsoft accounts are perpetual accounts given to the members of District 3870 for as long as they are with the rotary and the district.

Microsoft 365 features will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Teams, Yammer (of course, in 2021), and SharePoint.

All clubs will be given their accounts all at the same time. Thus, clubs will be given a form or list of required information, and must submit it before the deadline.

All the Club’s Digital Transformation Officers are to join in on the Viber community for updates regarding the project.

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