Hooked On SERVICE!

A Women Crochet Training and Livelihood Program. Mambuaya is a poor barangay in the hinterland of Cagayan de Oro and has been the beneficiary of the club back in the old days when their day care center was built. RCEU played an important role in ensuring the completion of the center.Mambuaya Family Community Development Association (MAFACODA), an organized group that holds meetings in the center, is a testament to the help that the club has extended. On the day of the project, the mothers gathered to learn a new livelihood that will allow them to stay at home and watch over their children. Patterns, needles, threads, and scissors were given to the mothers. Three instructors were assigned to coach the group. That morning, lady Rotarians who are experts in the art of crocheting, also joined in teaching some of the mothers. RCEU is already promoting their work and orders are pouring in most of their finished products will be sold in the club’s fund-raising Christmas Bazaar this November 30.

Breastfeeding while crocheting

It’s never too late to learn.

Learning the basics

Rotarian Chair Fely teaching a young mother

Rotarian teaching

Rotarian Nenette teaching

Showing sample patterns

The Rotarians and the beneficiaries

Young Rotarian learning the art while others look on.

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