Club History and Charter Members

By: Emma Deveza

When a group of civic oriented ladies gathered on July 2, 1990, contrary to common belief that women talk of nonsensical things, these group of ladies discussed how they could channel their boundless energies and put them to good use for the benefit of the community. Inspired by the formation ofan all-lady Rotary club in lligan, these ladies likewise thought of putting up a similar club in Cagayan de Oro. Here was the proper channel by which projects could be accomplished – the Rotary way.

The energetic ladies; Ybeth Yu, Leni Wilkom, An-an Gorospe, Rita Lim and Julie Dayrit conceived the idea of putting up this club and these same ladies, through their gentle persuasion, gathered enough membership to be able to come up with a perfect 34. On July 14, 1990, the first general membership meeting, which actually was just the second meeting, because the organizational meeting and officers were then elected. Ybeth Yu unanimously was elected charter president.

Behind the scenes, our sponsoring club, the RC East represented by Ray Java, Ruben Cabrera, Ben Barria, Binong’ Privaldos and Lando Mortola provided the guidance without which we could never have organized and started the club? According to the policies and practices established by Rotary International.

The naming of the club took three(3) or four(4) meetings before East Urban was finally chosen. There were (5) variations suggested, all of which included the word “East” to connote and be made known that the RC East sponsored us.

Through the weekly meetings that were conducted the Rotary way, each member slowly settled to being a Rotarian.

The Club, even before it received its official recognition from the Rotary International on October 17, 1990, had begun participating in the Rotary projects of our sponsoring club, such as Polio Plus and the City’s Christmas Carol contest.

On February 2, 1991, the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro East Urban was formally presented to the other Rotary Clubs in the District. With these we have become formally recognized and accepted as legitimate Rotary Club.

The officers and members, fired with contagious enthusiasm continue to strive to live up to its club theme of “Quality Life through Rotary Service”

In Photo: On top from (L-R) Aberilla, Montserrat; Arvisu, Evita; Borja, Sarah; ✙ Carreon, Romanita; Dacudao Felicisima; Dayrit, Julieta; Deleste, Linda; Demerre, Milagros; Escaño, Shirley; Gaerlan, Minda; Go, Erlinda; Jaca, Lou; Juarez, Fe; Lim, Lily; Lim, Rita, Macaranas, Josephine; Macaranas, Perla; ✙ Mesina, AIma; Uy, Juliette; Velez, Edna; Wilkom, Leni; Yu, Elizabeth;

Not in Photo:
 Albarece, Silva; Alfabeto, Maris;  Ang, Shirley; ✙ Auza, Susan;  Deveza, Emma; Ginete, Lolita; Gorospe, Au-au; Gorospe, Lolita; Gustilo, Corason; ldres, Pearl , lnukai, Letecia; Mejia, Mercedes; Reyes, Pacita; Rosete, Gloria; Tan, Nena.